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Shauna Sand is American actress and Playboy model. After University she submitted photos to Playboy's Los Angeles photo editors. She did a test shoot that Hugh Hefner approved and became the Playmate of the Month for May 1996.

Shauna Sand began her acting career with a guest appearance alongside future husband Lorenzo Lamas in his TV show Renegade. After their divorce, she appeared in TV shows such as Charmed, and in movies such as the comedy The Deviants.

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My wife and I were both accountants working for different companies. We both made good money and were living the high life. We had all our credit cards maxed out; we both had new cars leased and a new condo full of new furniture bought on credit. Now as accountants, you would think we would know better but we weren't worried because our combined income was a good six figures.

Then as they say, the shit hit the fan. My company was involved in a big scandal and I ended up losing my job. The bad press my company got made me unhireable, I couldn't find a job anywhere. We returned as much of the crap we had bought as we could, then sold as much of the unreturnable as possible. We turned in both leased cars and bought my wife a used car that she could drive to work. After going over the rest of our bills, we decided that we would just be able to cover our expenses with very little to spare. I told my wife,

"You have to hold on to that job no matter what."

I became a 'househusband' I stayed at home did all the housework and laundry. I of course was not very good at this but believe me I was worst at cooking. My wife was patient with me although I did get a lot of,

"George, this blouse was beige yesterday how come it is pink today?" Or maybe "George mashed potatoes with macaroni and cheese is not a complete dinner."

Each day I learned a bit more and finally settled into a sparse but comfortable existence. We were living on nothing with almost everything my wife earned being used to keep the creditors off our backs.

One day my wife came home crying. She kept sobbing,

"I hate my job, I hate my job."

I said, "You should try being a househusband."

"Listen George if it was up to me you would get fired from this job too."

"That really hurts Lisa; I am trying to do a better job. What is going on at work, why are you so upset with your job? I thought you loved it?"

"That was before my new boss from Atlanta took over. Remember I told you about that black guy named Jerome. He is so mean to me, I am always getting yelled at for nothing at all."

"Lisa, I know I don't have to tell you we need this job. Why don't you try to win him over with your sexy ways?"

"George you perv, what are you talking about?"

"I mean like wear that cute little sexy dress we saved, you know the one with the low top and the high bottom. Look it couldn't hurt; maybe if he noticed how beautiful you are he will start to accept how good of a worker you are."

"You're right George that dress sure worked on my last boss. Every time I wore it he had me in his office all day I swear he was trying to look down the front." I am going to wear it tomorrow. Take it out, and iron it for me George but don't scorch it. I am going to take a long bath. When you're done come in the bath room and I will let you shave my legs."

I think every since I have been staying home my wife is trying to humiliate me. I know I am a househusband but she wants me as her personal servant. The thing is, I don't know if she knows this but it turns me on. I love doing these things for her. That night I shaved her legs, I brought her a very sexy pair of panties to wear, I even knelt and helped her put them on (it was sexy the way she put her hand on my head to steady herself as she put each leg in her panties). Next, I painted her toenails as she sat in the front room drinking a glass of wine and watching TV. As I knelt at her feet carefully painting each of her pretty toenails, she was completely ignoring me. As the polish was drying, I started to kiss up her leg and just as I got to the edge if her panties she put her hand on my head.

"That's enough of that George; I don't want to get my panties all wet. I want to wear these tomorrow and if I am going to let Jerome get a peak I don't want them all crusty with my juices."

As she sat there drinking her wine and I sat at her feet my dick hard and throbbing I kept thinking about her letting her boss get a peak at her panties and my dick would throb some more. I cleaned up the kitchen and we went to bed, I lay next to my wife spooning next to her.

"George I don't want your nasty thing against me all night, you turn over and go to sleep."

I did as I was told and dreamed all night of my wife flashing her panties to her boss. I awoke in the morning harder than ever, my wife was already up.

"George, get up I need coffee fast, and I want you to help me get ready this morning. I want to look sexy for my boss. Oh I hope your idea works. Hurry George, get up."

After I made coffee, I went to help her get dressed. I mean she didn't need my help but if it made her feel better, I was happy. I pulled her panties up tight and made sure there were no wrinkles. Next, I held her dress as she stepped into it and then zipped it up for her. Then as she stood in the kitchen carefully drinking her coffee I knelt at her feet and slipped her high heels on.

"Lisa you look stunning"

"You like?" she said spinning around giving me a glimpse of her panties.

"You look like a goddess, Allow me to worship at your feet".

I was only halfway kidding; I knelt down and kissed her painted toes through the toeless shoes she chose to wear.

"Well I'm off, wish me luck." and she was out the door, she turned back around to me and from the hall yelled

"And don't you be playing with yourself all day George, you have laundry to do and you better do a good job."

I looked out and there was our neighbor, Mrs. Twill standing there. She looked at me as if I was some kind of pervert

"Lisa you want me to check on him to make sure he is being a good boy?"

"Oh thank you Mrs. Twill, I swear all men are like little boys."

I was humiliated, how can she talk to me like that in front of the neighbors, I know my face was beet red.

I thought I had better get stated with the laundry. Lisa taught me to always hand wash her 'delicates' as she called them. I was at the kitchen sink gently washing her panties. God they all felt so soft and sexy, it was so erotic to hold all of them in my hand. I put my face in the middle, and just caught an aroma, just a trace of her scent. I looked through and found a pair that looked like she had really got them wet while wearing them. I put them to my nose and then licked the crotch. I couldn't stop ,I had to pull out my dick. As I rubbed her panties in my face with one hand, I was jacking off as fast as my other hand would move. I didn't even hear the front door open but just as I shot my cum all over the kitchen sink Mrs. Twill said

"I knew I would catch you. Are those your wife's panties? You're jacking off in your wife's panties, you really are a pervert."

"Please Mrs. Twill I couldn't help myself. Please don't tell my wife she is already mad at me. I'll do anything for you just don't tell my wife."

I'm thinking than I am going to end up cleaning two apartments how. However, that is not what she wanted. She sat on our kitchen table she pulled up her dress and said

"Here boy I'll give you some strange panties to sniff."

She spread her legs and waved me over. I know I was thinking what have you got yourself into George. As if I was in a daze, I knelt before her in my own kitchen and put my lips to her panties. She actually grabbed my head and started humping my face. I could feel her clit rubbing against my nose I could smell her juices starting to flow and as her panties got wetter, I could taste her.

"That's good boy you're working me up real good, that's it right there I need it right there. She grabbed my head and held it against her. I couldn't even breath, she just kept humping until all of a sudden she came, and so did I.

"Well OK you did real good, here you can keep my panties for latter I know you'll be able to smell me on them real good."

She pulled her panties off and put them on my face. She was right her scent was very pungent.

"OK you earned it I'll leave you alone for the rest of the day."

I had to scrub the kitchen table; the whole kitchen smelled like a whorehouse, oh yeah also my face. I put my nose next to the table where Mrs. Twill sat on it, I could still smell her scent, as I went to get the cleaner I noticed I was hard again. By five o'clock, I was exhausted but I was ready for inspection by my wife (I hoped).

At least my wife wasn't crying as she walked in the door.

"You must have had a better day dear."

"Well Jerome still is mean, but it was a better day. I was so flustered I made a huge error on one of our big accounts. Jerome called me into his office and threatened to fire me. I started crying I got down on my knees and begged him not to fire me I told him I would do anything. As I looked up, I saw he was looking up my dress at my panties. I thought well I'll just let him see some more and shifted pulling my dress up higher. He said you will never make it as an accountant in my firm, but maybe you can be my assistant. I pleaded oh yes anything I have to have this job."

"Does that mean you got a promotion?"

"Well I know I didn't get a raise in fact I give 15% of my salary back to Jerome because he said he covered my error. Then he said stand up let me look at you, and then he told me to pull up my dress so he could see my legs. I pulled up my dress all the way to my chin and when he saw I really would do anything he wanted, he got really nasty. He told me to turn around and then to bend over, then he made me rub myself right in front of him. Oh god George he made me so hot, I felt like I was his slut. Then he said no assistant of his ever wore panties and said off with them. When I took them off I couldn't believe how wet they were."

She pulled them out of her pocket and put them in my face.

" George feel how wet they still are, it was so humiliating for the rest of the afternoon my juices just ran down my legs."

I got down on my knees and put my head under her dress and starting licking her thighs right up to her pussy. She grabbed my head and held it in place.

"George I can't believe this excites you too."

"Lisa please, tell me about the rest of your day. I'm so excited I think my dick is going to split."

"Come on George let's go fuck I can't stand it I have to have some ones cock in me right now."

As we made love, Lisa said she wished it were her boss who was fucking her, she told me he was a real man and just took what he wanted. She said she hoped he wanted her. As she said that we both came.

The next day I had an erection all day long, all I could think about was my wife's boss and what he might do to her. I don't know how long I have fantasized about my wife having sex with a black man and it could happen maybe even today. By the time she got home, I was in a tizzy. When she walked in the door, I could tell she was aroused. Her nipples were sticking out; she was flushed and breathing hard. She grabbed me and pulled me into the bedroom; she pushed me down onto the bed and mounted my face. As she rode me, she told me to get my cock ready and I pulled my pants down as fast as I could.

"I've got to have a cock even if it is just your dinky dick."

She slid down my chest coating me with her juices as she went.

"Oh god George I wish you had a cock."

After she had all that I could give her, and as I lay there spent she reached into her purse and pulled out this huge black dildo.

"Jerome took me shopping at the dirty bookstore for lunch, he bought me this. He told the clerk that he was making me practice with this so I could fit him in me. George he has had this in me all afternoon. I was just panting I couldn't cum, George you know I can't cum with toys I need a man's cock. After lunch he told me, I had Executive Washroom Duty. He made me go to the bathroom with him. I had to unzip his pants, pull out his penis, and then hold it while he peed. I was so embarrassed but oh, god when I had it in my hand, George his cock is so huge I could put two hands around it. As I held it and felt his urine surging through it like a fire hose, I couldn't help it I just wanted to kiss it. I begged him and he said all right just one kiss. I fell to my knees in the men's bathroom I took it in both of my hands and started kissing the tip. Another executive walked in and they just talked as I sat between them kissing Jerome's beautiful cock."

I couldn't stop myself I spurted all over my tummy.

As we lay in our bed, Lisa took her new toy and started fucking herself with it.

"George I need Jerome to give me his cock, I have got to have him inside me."

"Honey if it will make you happy you have my permission to have an affair with your new boss."

"Thanks a lot, like I need your permission. No the problem is, Jerome says I have to earn the right to have him inside me. He won't even tell me what I have to do, and god knows I will do whatever he asks George. I just don't care my body aches with desire for his manhood. I cannot stop this burning need for him."

When I woke up in the morning, she was still sleeping and she had her lips wrapped around that huge black dildo. She woke and smiled when she felt that black monster against her lips.

"Come on George we have to get me ready, I hope I have something to wear. Check my closets for me and then you can help in the bathroom."

I helped her get ready and she was out the door like a flash. As she was leaving, I told her how beautiful she looked. As she reached the door, she said

"Like it matters what you think, I just hope my boss likes it."

She was being so mean and yet it was so exciting I wanted more. I locked the doors this time so the neighbor wouldn't be sneaking in. Then I felt so naughty, I went and got Mrs. Twill panties from yesterday. As disgusted as I felt after she had just used my face to please her urges, it still turned me on. I took off my clothes and wore nothing but her panties. It was just so sexy; I could never do this with my wife's panties I would stretch them out so much they would be ruined. However, Mrs. Twill had such a big butt, her panties almost fell off me. Even as big as they were they felt sexy against my dick. I knew I had plenty of time before my wife came home so I went about the house doing my chores wearing just Mrs. Twill's panties.

I turned around and there was my wife staring at me.

"I know those are not mine, where did you get them? George don't stammer like that, oh I don't care you are nothing but a panty waist anyway you might as well wear a pair."

"Honey what are you doing home so early?"

"Jerome doesn't like my wardrobe he sent me home to go out and buy something decent."

"But what are we going to use for money to buy you new things?"

"I am going to sell my car. I'll start riding the subway. In fact, that is why I'm here; I want you to go sell my car. Jerome is going to take me shopping to make sure I buy what he wants. He said he will pay and I can repay him. That must be him now, go answer the door while I go pee."

I was in such a daze I didn't even think about what I was wearing until I open the door and saw him looking at me with a smile on his face. I had heard the term before but was now seeing for the first time what a 'Black Adonis' looked like. He was tall and handsome, wide shoulders and he looked so trim in his Italian suit.

I invited him in as my face turned crimson.

He chuckled "Nice outfit."

Thank god, I was saved by my wife as she came racing back into the front room.

"Hi Mr. Akins I was just freshening up."

He said, "Let me see."

She just pulled up her dress right in from of me to show him her freshly washed pussy. He reached between her legs and rubbed then he put his finger to my nose and asked me how my wife smelled. I was shocked but I told him she smelled nice. He just laughed at me. Then he turned around and said to my wife "Lets' go."

Just like that, they were gone. I was just standing there with my mouth open; I looked up to see Mrs. Twill walking in my front door.

"I see you couldn't get enough of me yesterday, your still wearing my panties. Well come over here and I will give you some of the real thing today."

She reached up her dress and pulled down her panties then she patted the sofa. As I came over, she said, "I think there is more room on the floor, lay down here lover boy."

I lay down; my dick was sticking straight up inside her dirty panties from yesterday. She sat on my face putting her dress over my head. Again, she started rubbing her pussy over my face.

"Taste a little different today doesn't it? That's because the mister gave me a good fucking before he left for work. He gave me a real pussy full, didn't he?"

I was trying to gag but she wouldn't let up, she kept feeding me her husband's cum and soon I got used to the taste, I mean Lisa has been feeding me my cum for a while now and it was pretty much the same. After what seemed like hours, she finally had her fill of face and tongue. As she got up, she took her panties that she had been wearing.

"Sorry sweetie, I can't let you keep these today. I only have so many I can pass out every day."

I couldn't believe how hard it was to sell Lisa's car, I had to run all over town trying to find the best deal I could get. When I walked in my front door, I got the shock of my life. There was Jerome sitting on the couch in nothing but his silk boxers. His body black and shinny was all muscle and I could see his huge cock outline through his silk boxers. It was crawling down his leg and I think I could see the tip sticking out the bottom of his underwear. He had a drink in his hand and seemed completely relaxed. My wife was sitting on the floor at his feet absolutely naked. She had her arm wrapped around his leg and was just staring up in his eyes. Then she looked up at me.

"George, did you get the money?" I nodded. "Oh thank god give it to Jerome."

I did as she asked; he didn't even look at it and just sat it on the table. I was afraid to ask what had happened but I wanted to know so bad my loins ached.

"Jerome do you mind if I go clean up now and I will have George press your suit while you're waiting." Come on George we have work to do."

I followed her into the bedroom where she turned and hugged me. She had a big smile on her face.

"Oh George he finally did it, he put that wonderful cock inside me. Look at me I am so full of cum, can you help before your iron his things"

"Lisa, look at our bed it is sopping wet."

"Oh I know, I can't tell you who came more, me or him. Now hurry George get cleaning you got a lot of work to do."

She grabbed my head and pulled it to her pussy. She didn't have to force me I wanted to taste her cum filled pussy. As I licked, she told me of how she got Jerome to finally fuck her.

"We went to the other side of town; you know where it is mostly black. When he stopped the car suddenly, my purse fell over, and my dildo fell out. I told him I had been practicing and that I even slept with it. Then I told him every time I went to the power room I put it inside me for practice. He told me to show him how I did it and as we drove down the street, I kept fucking myself while telling him I always pretend that it was him. He laughed and told me it was him, he said someone made these dildos out of a mold of his cock and then sold them. He said he gets 8% of each one sold."

"When we got to the store, I was the only white girl there. However, all the girls there sure knew him. He made me show the sales girls my dildo and both of them laughed then went to their purses and showed me theirs. They had me take my dress off right there in the store I told them I had no panties on underneath and they both laughed again and said Jerome hates panties. As I stood there naked, they would bring me things to try on. If Jerome liked it, we would take it. When we were done, Jerome told me I had to tip them for working so hard. I told him I had no money he said that was OK and told me to go lick their pussies. George you know I have never done anything like that before but I wanted to just because Jerome told me to. I knelt before each one of them and asked if I could pleasure them. Side by side, they sat in the store and let me pull up their dresses and pleasure them with my tongue. They just casually talked to each other as I licked them under their dresses. I remember one saying how nice it was to have a white tongue inside their chocolate pussy. By the time, they were done with me I was sitting in a pool of my own juices. When we got home, he told me I did such a good job he was going to reward me with a taste of his cock. George I can't talk anymore I don't have time. Have you got me clean yet?"

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